I am Laura Ella. I lead a brand fighting for feminism and sustainability, with a goal to be a brand in which every woman would be proud to support. Our collection of T-shirts and Accessories are lovingly designed to be as kick-ass as the women they are created for. After all, when women empower each other, incredible things can happen.

We are a part of the feminist fashion revolution in every stage of our production process. Our designs feature bold motifs and stand-out slogans in order to continue conversation through clothing, often printed by-hand in my Staffordshire home.

We believe fashion should be fair. Many high street brands produce 'girl power' t-shirts but pay their factory workers poorly; not even enough to live from. We support ethical fashion practices by sourcing all of our clothing from deadstock & vintage, to prevent adding to the unfair factory workload. We also donate a percentage of sales to Plan International: a charity dedicated to advance children’s rights and equality for girls around the world.

The damaging effects of fast-fashion landfill are  one of the reasons we recycle and rebrand every single product! This means that each of our products have their own character and no two are ever the same. This is our way of producing fashion sustainably and also eradicating a ‘disposable’ nature, which is seen far too often in our modern world.

We hope that you can find empowerment in our products, for women and the planet!